About us?

International-level specialized training center since 1987, as evidenced by the attached documentation and references.

The Wudao High School (塞拉托 武术 学校), has trained a multitude of athletes and competitors who have obtained numerous awards and foolish recognitions in national and international competitions.

Regarding teacher training, we have delegations in Spain, as well as in other states. Likewise, we have associated and collaborating centers, both in Spain and in other countries. Our training programs gather the experience acquired after many years of practice in universities, temples and centers of recognized prestige in China, under the direction of Masters of international reputation. The study plans are adapted to the requirements of the Chinese official bodies.

The courses that we can offer you are the result of years of maturation and experience in the practice and teaching of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts. They are designed to increase, in a practical and effective way, your knowledge of Chinese martial arts. By practicing with dedication you will get great results.

Our experience is your guarantee of quality.

Our Certifications

RFEJyDA National Federated Center. (Ag.D.I.I de Wushu)

Nationally federated center. Recognized by the Royal Spanish Judo Federation D.A and FMJyDA

Certified by the Canarian Federation of Shorinji Kempo.

We are a Center certified by the Canarian Federation of Shorinji Kempo, to teach these Oriental disciplines.

Graduates from Wuhan University of Physical Education.

Cooperation agreement made with the University of E.F de Wushu, in 2004 to disseminate these disciplines and cooperation.

Certified by the Asoc. of Taoism of Longmen Pai, Beijing -China.

We are a Certified Writing Center from Abbot Zhao Yuan Fu of Baiyun Guan Taoism Association in Beijing.

Certified by the Association of Taoism, Taiji and China Wushu.

We are a Certified Center with its Diploma from the Wushu, Taichi and Taoism Association of the Wudang Mountains.

Certified by the Friends of San Feng China Association.

Center Certified in writing, from the Asoc. from Master Zhong Yun Long to teach Wushu, Taichi and Wudang Taoism.

Certified by Lishui Wushu Institute - in Zhejiang -China.

Cooperation agreement made with the Lishui Wushu Institute 丽水 市. Zhejiang. in 2005. To spread these disciplines.

Certified by Chinese Wushu Research Institute of China.

Wushu Professional Category Certificate No. 51, China International Wushu Organization 1987. Guangdong University.

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