3.2 Basic techniques of CHEN- JIBENG GONG taiji


Chen style taiji quan

JIBEN GONG – Basic Techniques Program for its technical execution.

1- SHOU XING Hand shapes.

  • QUAN (fist)

CHONG QUAN: Direct punch

ZAI QUAN: Punch down

BAN QUAN: Push off with your fist

FOOT QUAN: Punch hanging diagonally

ZA QUAN: Smash with your fist (down)

CE PENG Quan: Bounce to the side

HENG DOUQuan: Vibrating Strike

  • ZHANG (Palm of hand)

DAN / SHUANG TUI ZHANG: Push with one or two palms

LOU ZHANG: Palm Catch

YUN ZHANG: Palm billowing like clouds

CHUAN ZHANG: Fingertip Piercing

FEN ZHANG: Spread your palms

ZHOU Fa: Elbow Techniques

  • GOU (Hook Hand)

2- BU XING Foot positions.

Individual step exercises to master postures and improve hips and body landing on the floor.

Natural body postures

BING SIN BU: Natural posture.

KAI LI BU: Standing Half Horse Stance

MA BU: Horse riding stance

  • Open postures

GONG BU: Bow step

CE GONG BU: Side arch step

BAN MA BU: Half horse gait

DIE CHA: Scissors open in split

PU BU: Slippery step

  • Balance postures and others

XU BU: Empty step (toe or heel)

1st DING BU: T-shaped step

2nd DING BU: Pointed backward pass

XIE BU: Crossing Step

DU LI BU: Balance with one leg raised

3- BU FA Displacements.

SHANG BU: Move on. (Turn your heel a little when taking another step)

TUI BU: Delay

CE XING BU: Side step.

HENG KAI BU: Open the way (start)

GAI BU: Cross Step Ahead

KOU BU: Pick up the step inside

GEN BU: One step follows another approaching

NIAN JIAO BU: Unfold the step (Changing direction)

CHA BU: Cross step (from behind)

4- TUI FA Leg techniques.

Kicking exercises should be done after warming up and stretching. These exercises notably improve the qualities and control of the legs and their kicking techniques or mastery of it. If you find it difficult to balance while exercising, you can turn to support for help. Kick low and slow at first gradually increasing height, speed and strength. Strike or kick with both feet alternately stepping forward with each kick. Energetically contract the belly and also the buttocks when launching the foot, which must exceed the waist. The action must be accelerated with explosive force.

Kicking techniques:

DENG JIAO: Front kick with heel strike

PAI JIAO: Clap Front Kick

WAI BAI LIAN JIAO: Lotus Kick (Inner Fan)

CHUAI JIAO: Side kick

ZHEN JIAO: Stomp vibrating

FEI JIAO: Jump Kick

FENG JIAO: Front toe kick.

TI JIAO: Front kick as in wushu.


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