3.3 Warm-up and preparation exercises in taijiquan

Exercises and stretching techniques of traditional Wushu and for Taiji quan serve to warm up the muscles of the legs and improve our flexibility and mobility.

When performing these exercises we must change leg and / or side. Do 10 to 15 repetitions on each side of the stretches. Trying to coordinate breathing with exercise thus will improve your exercises and flexibility, providing more oxygen to the blood and benefiting the muscles.

NOTE: Repeat the exercises on each side, of the LEG TECHNIQUES, launch to improve flexibility and warm up before the exercises of the form.

This type of exercise is widely used in China by practitioners in general, and they are taught to improve their leg flexibility, their looseness and also improve their joint mobility in general, thus avoiding hurting themselves during the practices of the form, improving their technical quality during the same execution.

Go ahead and go doing them without looking at the height at this time, just keep your leg stretched in the throws as far as you go, if you notice that it stretches the muscles is normal, do not be scared if it hurts a little.

When you have learned these leg throwing exercises, they will be performed at an adequate speed, depending on how your body responds and always maintain an upright posture. It must be well stiff when throwing or picking up the throwing leg. Repeat on each side about 10 casting times.

Index of exercises:

1 – Stretch in %22Pubu%22 Sliding step.

2 – Stretch leg in front.

3 – Stretch leg in front pushing diagonally with hand 1 and then try to reach with the opposite elbow.

4- Stretch the leg to the side, push with the shoulder to the knee.

5- Stretch the leg behind, with the leg semi-flexed and push back, stretching the Quadriceps.

6 – Release the leg forward (Zheng ti tui) doing soft front kick throws.

7 – Release the leg outwards (Wai pai tui) doing soft outside fan kick throws.

8 – Release the leg inward (Li He tui) doing soft indoor fan kick throws.

Training methods:

1) Progressively increase the number of repetitions, alternating the same exercise to each left / right.

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