4.2 Taiji CHEN Combined Exercise Videos.


Elemental chained movements of taiji quan that must be carried out little by little on both sides, to improve your forms and techniques.


1- JIN GANG DAO CHUI 金刚捣锤 – The warrior of Buddha hit with the hammer

2- BAI HE LIANG CI 白鹤亮翅 – The white crane spreads its wings

3- LAN ZA YI 懒 扎 衣 – Slowly tie the robe

4- YAN SHOU ZOU CHUI – 掩 手 红 捶Strike with disguised hands

5- DAN BIAN 单鞭–Simple whip

6- ZHUAN SHEN SHUANG BAI LIAN 转 身 双 摆 莲 — Turn the body and lotus kick

7- ZUO DENG JIAO – 蹬脚 – Turn the body and lotus kick

8- SHUANG ZHEN JIAO – 双震脚 – Jump kick

MANY OF THESE COMBINATIONS: You can see them during the performance of different forms of taiji quan either in the basic initiation techniques or in the traditional advanced forms of the style. Over time you should refine the movements and make the whole body rotate and do the silk movement. .

CHOOSE a couple of exercises from these typical combinations every day and execute them until your actions are memorized, perform them smoothly and in a coordinated manner, breathing with the action of the movement.

Essential points of the basic exercises:

Pay special attention to doing them in a conscious or mind-controlled way. If you cannot make them low, raise the leg and properly coordinate your feet with your hands.

Application in the fight: this must be done little by little by the student and gives him a concrete idea of the movement and if it is correctly executed. What we will deal with later in other more advanced courses.

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