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COMPANY NAME: Escuela Superior Serrato y Terapias Alternativas S.L.
REGISTERED OFFICE: C / Almansa, 47 bajo 28039 Madrid, Spain
PHONE: 915342029

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By using this website, you agree to the terms of use. If you do not agree to these terms of use, please do not use this website. We reserve the right to change, modify, add or remove portions of these terms at any time. Please check these terms periodically for possible changes.

General information.

This website is the property of Escuela Superior Serrato y Terapias Alternativas S.L. The use of this website implies the acceptance, by the user, of the legal obligations stipulated in these conditions of use and the acceptance to act in accordance with these conditions and with the rest of the applicable clauses. If the user does not accept these terms of use or other applicable clauses, they should not use the website.

You can contact the School through the emails specified on the web.

Acceptance of the terms of use

These conditions in order to regulate the use of this Escuela Superior Serrato y Terapias Alternativas S.L make available to the public at this URL. The use of the website by a third party attributes the condition of User and implies full acceptance by said User of each and every one of the conditions that are incorporated into this Legal Notice.

Modification of the terms of use

The company reserves the right to modify or replace any of the Terms of Use at any time, or change, suspend or disconnect the Service at any time by sending a notification to users by email. The company can also limit access to certain services or restrict access to some parts or contents of the web. It is the responsibility of the user to check the Terms of Use periodically.

Rules of Conduct

The User agrees not to use the Web for any purpose that is prohibited in the Terms of Use. The user is responsible for all his activity in connection with the Web. For the purposes of Terms of Use, the term «content». It includes, without limitation, all user participation, videos, audio, comments in forums, information, data, text, photographs, software, graphics, or other types of content that are made accessible on the web. No type of content should be uploaded to the web that:

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The object of the contractual relationship between ESCUELA SUPERIOR SERRATO Y TERAPIAS ALTERNATIVAS S.L. and the client-student will be the purchase and sale of online courses to companies, professionals or individuals offered on the Website. The characteristics of the products offered are those that appear on this web page and are obtained by clicking on the title corresponding to each course.


The published images do not imply any obligation attached to this contract. No liability will be incurred in the event of an error related to these.

Course availability

Courses are offered whenever they are available. If a course is not available, or cannot start on the scheduled date, website users will be informed of this as soon as possible. If there are no places in a certain group of classes, the opportunity to join the waiting list will be offered in case there are vacancies. Likewise, the place may be reserved for the next available call.

Overwhelming force

Neither of the Parties will be responsible for the total or partial breach of its obligations under this contract, if this breach is caused by an act constituting force majeure. Texto original 150 / 5000 Resultados de traducción Force majeure cases shall be those that meet the criteria established by the jurisprudence of the 2nd Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court. The Party that invokes a case constituting force majeure must notify the other Party of the same within five working days following the day on which said act occurred or on which the threat thereof was manifested. The Parties agree that they must agree as soon as possible to determine the set of order execution modalities when they are faced with a case of force majeure. After the period of one (1) month of interruption due to force majeure, ESCUELA SUPERIOR SERRATO Y TERAPIAS ALTERNATIVAS S.L. You may not respect the order and, if necessary, you must return the amount thereof to the buyer.

Partial nullity

If one or more of the provisions of these general conditions of sale were declared null or void by virtue of a law, a regulation or a final decision of a judicial body, the other provisions will continue to maintain full validity and legal effects.

Pay price

The prices of the courses are indicated in euros and include the taxes applicable on the day of the order. The price invoiced to the buyer is that indicated in the payment confirmation that appears on the web, at the end of the registration process. If the enrollment is made external to the website, the invoiced price will be the one indicated via e-mail by ESCUELA SUPERIOR SERRATO Y TERAPIAS ALTERNATIVAS S.L ..

Modifications in payment

ESCUELA SUPERIOR SERRATO Y TERAPIAS ALTERNATIVAS S.L. reserves the right, which the user accepts, to modify their prices at any time, but the courses will be billed based on the rates in effect at the time of registration.

Payment methods supported on the website

Payments will be made online. The user will enter the data requested in the secure banking platform. Said data will not be stored in any case at ESCUELA SUPERIOR SERRATO Y TERAPIAS ALTERNATIVAS S.L .. The banking platform will inform ESCUELA SUPERIOR SERRATO Y TERAPIAS ALTERNATIVAS S.L. of the validity of the purchase. Only in the event that the sale is fully confirmed ESCUELA SUPERIOR SERRATO Y TERAPIAS ALTERNATIVAS S.L. will consider the purchase completed and proceed to enrollment. ESCUELA SUPERIOR SERRATO Y TERAPIAS ALTERNATIVAS S.L. does not know the reasons that produce the refusal of the banking platform.

Types of payment supported on the website:

Online payment by credit / debit card through the Redsys payment gateway.

Payment by bank transfer.

Return or Refund Policies

Replacement policy:

  • If the registered person cannot participate in the course, they may be substituted by another person, as long as they notify us by email. In any case, the person who is going to attend to replace the one initially registered must also fill out and send us an email to indicating their data.

Return rates:

The user has the right to a refund of the registration fee under the following terms and conditions:

  • Cancellations must be reported in writing, by sending an email to Cancellations informed by any other means are not accepted. This email must contain all the registration data, including: Name of the course, name and surname of the student, date of registration and contact information.
  • For all cancellations received prior to the beginning of the course, 80% of the amount paid at the time of cancellation will be refunded.
  • Registrations in which theuser codes and passwordhave already beendelivered to access the contents willnot have any type of refund.
  • Entries in which the student has completed 1 lesson or the certificate has been downloaded will not have the right to any refund or the right to claims
  • Returns will be made within 21 calendar days after the cancellation request, by electronic transfer in the name of the person who made it or by other methods that can be established so that the refund can be facilitated.
  • Due to the type of service provided by Escuela Superior Serrato y Terapias Alternativas S.L. As a training school, there is no product return policy.