Qigong has been practiced in China for more than 3 millennia in a secret way; in family clans, administrative bodies, personal environment of the Imperial Court, and especially in Buddhist and Taoist Monasteries. It was not until the twentieth century when its practice has spread, publicly and massively throughout the country.

華佗 字元化,沛國譙縣(今安徽亳州市)人,東漢末年著名的醫師。與董奉、張仲景史稱為「建安三神醫」。

Proven to be effective in the prevention and treatment of some physical and mental illnesses, today it is practiced in parks, social venues, academies and hospitals. Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospitals have their Qigong section, in which specialists indicate to patients the exercises to perform, depending on their illness or disease, thus taking the patient an active and responsible role in the healing of their disease, or in its recovery and comprehensive rehabilitation during post-operative periods.

Today’s society is increasingly characterized by haste and competitiveness, this translates into increasingly generalized situations of anxiety, difficulty in social relationships, and, ultimately, stress and an appreciable loss of quality of life.

The practice of Qigong teaches us to be more aware of our body and our mind. Through breathing control we learn to remain relaxed and at the same time attentive, better supporting stressful situations. Qigong is not just another gymnastics in the world of “wellness” fashion, it is an ancient and effective philosophy of life beneficial to your health without aggressive exercises for the body.


Please note that this Qigong Course is not intended to substitute for actual guidance from a certified instructor. The Qigong of the five animals is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure certain diseases. As with any other physical activity, you should consult your regular doctor before practicing these exercises. If it will help us to improve our physical condition and health, we therefore recommend spending time with it to perfect its technique and harmonize breathing with exercise.

The general objective of this course, therefore, is to introduce the practitioner to the many benefits that the persevering practice of the Qigong of the five animals can bring to them, as it has contributed to the monks of the Wudang mountains who have given us. they have bequeathed them.

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